Open the door with your smartphone!

Opening the door with your smartphone can be convenient for many reasons. Whether for your private home or office. It can happen that you forget your keys, or worse, lose them!

This is where LabKey comes to your rescue! Our access control, compatible with any electronic lock, thanks to its two clean contacts will allow you to enter your home or office even via smartphone!

With LabKey, your mobile phone becomes a key, all made possible by using your home or company’s Wi-Fi connection; yes! because our LabKey access control works in Cloud.


Thanks to the dedicated CRM you can manage access to the gates easily and securely, even from mobile. With the CRM you can:

  • Generate new keys or delete them in the event of theft or loss;
  • Associate keys to the users you want and assign time-based permissions (days, times, dates);
  • Receive a notification each time a user accesses or attempts to access a gate;
  • Obtain useful statistical data for your business exportable in .csv and .pdf

How does opening the door with a smartphone work?

All you need to do is install an application in your smartphone (free of charge on both Android and iOS), and by typing in the code provided by the system administrator, you will be granted access to the predefined gates. The virtual keypad is excellent for use at all common entrances with other people, such as a company entrance or the front door of an apartment building. 

Simple, isn’t it?

LabKey can be easily installed on any type of electric lock or electronic device in 10 minutes thanks to the plug-and-play system.

Our priority is to provide maximum customer support by providing total assistance: from initial consultation to after-sales, our specialists will be available to clarify all your doubts about our home automation solution.

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