Key card door lock system

A door lock system with a key card? LabKey makes it possible!

Do you have a B&B or a hotel? Maybe even a gym? LabKey allows your customers to open the door of your business via a convenient NFC card, and you can manage permissions as you see fit! You can easily adjust the access times of your guests and customers without being physically inside the facility!

LabKey is a practical cloud-based access control that keeps track of all logs and accesses made with the keys assigned to individual customers, sets the date and time when access to the facility is possible and allows you to create keys online and quickly associate them to physical cards!

Here you can find some of our installations in similar structures!

Our door lock system that uses a convenient key card is also equipped with a virtual keypad, that allows you to open gates remotely via the LabKey app. The App is available for all versions in the app store!

Here you can find all the versions of LabKey ONE!
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