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LabKey QR code scanner for easy access control

Make access control easy and safe with the LabKey QR code scanner, the revolutionary system to control the access to your gates, that can be installed on any type of electric lock.

Easy and safe

With LabKey QR code, all you have to do to access any gate is to scan a personalized QR code. You don’t even have to get in contact with the reader!

Thanks to the management panel you can create unlimited QR codes and send them by email, messaging, Skype, WhatsApp, or Telegram or simply print them out. One of the features offered by LabKey QR code is the ability to generate codes for users who are not registered in the management panel.


Customizable QR code cards

To make your virtual key even more unique, you can request a customized NFC card, enabling you to use the same card at the gates where you have installed LabKey One NFC or LabKey One QR code.

Maximum security

Using a QR code to access gates increases the security by 4 factors because we use reverse encryption to decrypt the code for the opening of the gate.

Greater resistance

We offer you the possibility to choose the material from which the control unit will be made to increase its technical performance of resistance to impact, extreme weather conditions and vandalism. You can also choose the colour of the control unit! Find out more about the technical features of the materials.



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    Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone.

    LabKey.io is an IoT product of Busnet.it

    LabKey supports the 4earth project



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