LabKey, security and access control 4.0

The importance of using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure safety and monitor the entrances and the gates inside the facilities is an investment to improve safety standards that is now more than necessary considering the partial reopening of activities. LabKey allows you to remotely open gates, guaranteeing the recognition of the staff entering and, above all, remembering who was present at a given time/day.

But what exactly is it? Our product is not just a simple electronic lock but a modern access security system, including a cloud-based system with a platform and an application that allows you to create and manage keys in a quick and practical way and the physical access control enables and tracks in real time the transit of people through controlled gates, even if done offline.

LabKey is a Kit consisting of an internal control unit and an external reader, available as NFC or keypad version. To access a gate, simply enter the numeric code, place the card on the NFC reader or use the dedicated mobile app.

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