QR Code Green Pass Reader

QrCode GREEN PASS reader is the new version of the LabKey access control designed to allow entry to the facilities only to effective GREEN PASS holders.

LabKeythe Green Pass verification control, allows:

  • Regulatory compatibility of the Ministry of Health – Verification C19.
  • Verification of the issuer’s signature.
  • Speed: 30 checks per minute.
  • Instant certification check.
  • Clear reading of the QR Code from various media in addition to the smartphone screen (paper, plasticized badges, etc.).
  • Functional: reading even in the dark.
  • The automated opening of the gate in case of validity of the Green Pass.
  • Access denied management with real-time alert notification.
  • Possibility of combining acoustic or luminous signal devices that notify the validity or invalidity of the Green Pass by means of a clean contact.
  • Registration of logs with date and time of access, without health information. denied with real-time alert notification.
  • That it is not necessary to have a physical presence to check the gate.

Making accesses quick, controlled and secure is the new prerogative of activities that require constant monitoring of the flow of customers or guests, for this reason the LabKey.io green certification verification control was born!

The QrCode Green Pass reader function is implemented in the LabKey system, so once this is no longer needed, it can be deactivated. Then you can use the device as a simple access control to the gates.

As for the physical device, the reader is resistant and functional, IP65 certified and can be installed outdoors. It is in fact resistant to bad weather and shocks.

Available in three versions (Base – Internal interlocking design – External box design) it is versatile since installation is simple and takes 10 minutes.

Discover all its features here:

LabKey ONE QrCode Reader

The light towers are demonstrative, it is possible by means of a clean contact to combine acoustic or light signaling systems of any type according to the needs.


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone.

LabKey.io is an IoT product of Busnet.it

LabKey supports the 4earth project



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