Mobile phone gate opener

Being able to open your front door remotely is a great solution to many common problems for both private homes, accommodation, and business facilities. All LabKey products can use the virtual keypad for opening doors remotely with our mobile app.

Opening doors remotely with an app. How does it work?

The dry contact of the virtual keypad must be connected to the opening of the condominium door. Then, using the by the purchase included management panel you can enter the user by assigning their phone number to a code. Don’t forget to click the checkbox for the virtual keypad to enable the function for the user.
The user must download the free application, then enter their phone number and the secret code to unlock the functionality. Afterwards they will be able to open the condominium door remotely.

Controllo accessi remoto

The app for remote access works for all LabKey ONE versions: NFC cards, Keypad and QR code.

Visit the page dedicated to the virtual keypad or contact us for more information.

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