Smart Locks – Home automation starts with access

The smart lock differs from the classic lock both in structure but also in function. No more physical keys, just a tap on your smartphone!

It has probably happened to you too to lose your keys, had to search for them for whole minutes and in the meantime were also in a great hurry. Since the smart lock does not require a physical key, the risk of loss is reduced to almost zero!

The use of a smart lock is not only ideal in a family context to protect one’s home, it is also perfect in facilities such as hotels, B&Bs, companies and Co-Working.

In detail, you will also be able to create accesses in total security, keeping track of who accesses the permitted passage. You will be able to remotely open the door with peace of mind, no longer worrying about having to physically travel to the site. LabKey makes your lock smart and includes both the hardware kit (you can choose from three devices: Keypad, QR Code and NFC) and the 100% cloud-based manage software that allows you to do all this and more.

Thanks to the two clean contacts, it will be possible to access the site by entering a numerical code – keypad -, scanning a QR code or the NFC card, or by accessing from the Labkey App downloadable on Android and iOS.