Buying process


We, the team, make it a priority to assist the customer throughout the entire buying process and beyond.

We care about whether our product meets the customer’s needs, so we are always there to clarify any doubts or problems, and if for some reason you no longer use the LabKey you can return it to us free of charge by contacting us by email at We will organise the shipment for you and take care of the recycling of the various components.

We feel like it is necessary to explain the LabKey buying process.

Phase One: Demo

In this phase we present the product and provide you with any information you may need: demonstration videos, brochures, instruction booklet, device measurements…

Phase Two: Training

During this phase we will explain our product and all its functions in detail, and any technical doubts will be resolved. A user’s guide is also available on our website.

Phase Three: Production

This phase concerns itself with the sale of the product, but our goal does not end there because we offer our assistance also after the purchase.

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