Labkey QR CODE

A plugin for LabKey ONE Keypad.

labkey qr code – plugin


LabKey QR Code is a plugin for LabKey ONE Keypad. This is a new version of the external reader, designed to implement a higher level of security to the kit (increased safety in 4 factors) and relieve the user of many inconveniences.  The user can use the QR code to access the gate depending on the permissions (day and time) assigned to them. It is possible to:

  • Send and share the QR code via mail, messaging, Skype, Whatsapp and Telegram.

  • Print the QR code and give it to elderly people and children who don’t have the possibility to use a smartphone.

Additional Information

It is only possible to buy the LabKey QR Code alone if you are already in the possession of LabKey One Keypad. Currently you must give us the serial number of your LabKey One Keypad when you purchase a LabKey One QR Code. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue your purchase.

The plugin connects via an USB cable to the LabKey One control unit; this allows the same control unit to control both the numeric keypad and the QR code reader.

By activating this plugin, a new API functionality will be visible in the management panel that allows the generation of QR codes that are associated to the numeric codes already used to unlock the LabKey via the keypad.

Through a dedicated public link, it is possible to generate QR codes even for users who are not registered in the management panel.

Technical features

  • The operation of LabKey QR Codes takes place through a direct call to the management.
  • LabKey QR Code does not stop working in the absence of internet because it keeps local copies of synchronized keys.
  • The generated QR code guarantees maximum security, as it is formed by a combination of the username and a set numeric code.

LabKey QR Code is a COVID free device 

because it prevents your customers from coming into direct contact with the surface of the reader.