Self check-in smart accomodation

Why choose self check-in in holiday houses and B&Bs.

Self check-in is becoming over the years a functional service that cannot be missed when it comes to holiday homes, Airbnb, B&Bs, hotels and all accommodation in the world of tourism.

What is it?

Self check-in ( and self check-out ) is an automatic process of handing over keys to the dwelling, which allows this step without the need for a physical person to go to the place to let guests in.
This makes the advantages twofold on both sides; the owner of the apartment does not have to physically go to the guest’s arrival, the guests, for their part, will have more flexibility on their arrival time.

Another undisputed advantage, may be the filling in of a form with the guest’s data prior to their arrival, this will allow an automated process resulting in less wasted time on both sides.

How does self check-in work to make accommodation smart?

The first idea that may come to mind, totally unsafe, is to place physical keys inside a padlock or a box near the house. Needless to say, this is a dangerous and unsafe solution.

The second way, is to rely on a secure and effective access control such as LabKey which, thanks to its two free contacts, will allow you to access the gate in two ways:

  1. Physically: depending on the chosen model of LabKey, you will be able to access the gateway by entering the numerical code on the keypad or by scanning the NFC card or QR Code.

2. Virtually: within our manage panel you can enable the virtual keyboard that will allow the opening of the gate remotely thanks to our free downloadable App for Android and iOS.

Our access control is compatible with any electronic lock, our LabKey will allow you to set multiple access codes, so you can generate a unique code for each new guest.

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