Smart home and access control

What does it means “smart home“?

Smart home, has a clear reference to the IoT (Internet of Things) and indicates all products that use the Internet connection and smartphone apps to offer new functions that are also connected to traditional products. In essence, smart home technologies are able to automate a number of activities and processes in the home, such as access to doorways, with the aim of providing greater convenience for those living there.

What is an access control system?

An access control system is a tool that allows one or more electric gates (gates, doors, etc.) to be opened only to authorised persons, storing the logs, and possibly inhibiting authorisation to certain persons or certain time slots.

Why is it useful?

An access control system may be useful or necessary in various situations:

  • Inside a company to allow workers to enter/exit while keeping track of logs;
  • Also in a company to allow suppliers to open the external gate and unload the material to be delivered;
  • In a gymnasium to allow access to subscribers, perhaps preventing those with expired subscriptions or certificates from entering;
  • A co-working space;
  • B&B or in a rented flat;
  • In a hotel;
  • In a private home.

By reading the list above, we understand how, indeed, today an access control can prove to be a valuable aid in permit management.

Il nostro controllo accessi è composto dai seguenti elementi:

The LabKey system is available in kit form and includes: instruction booklet, an internal control unit, an external reader to choose from NFC, QR Code,Keypad, NFC keys if required; power supply unit, dowels and screws for wall mounting if required.

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